Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Directed by Shane Fernando

Music Direction by Chiaki Ito

Choreography by Frank Trimble

SHOW DATES:  May 15-18, 23-25 & May 30-June 1

All shows at at City Stage

All shows at 8pm

TICKETS:  Click here or call

  1. (910)264-2602

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ABOUT THE SHOW: BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON creators Michael Friedman and Alex Timbers cook up an alternate universe (and draw parallels to today's political/populist landscape) with their musical about the seventh U.S. president, reinvented as an "emo" rock star. 

BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON tells the story of America's first political maverick. A.J. kicked British butt, shafted the Indians and smacked down the Spaniards all in the name of these United States--who cares if he didn't have permission?

An exhilarating and white-knuckled look at one of our nation's founding rock stars, BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON recreates and reinvents the life of "Old Hickory," from his humble beginnings on the Tennessee frontier to his days as Commander-in-Chief. It also asks the question, is wanting to have a beer with someone reason enough to elect him? What if he's really, really hot?

Alex Wharff

(Henry Clay/Black Fox)

Alex Wharff can’t imagine a better cast for this show and is incredibly flattered to be part of it. He was recently seen in Big Dawg’s ‘In The Next Room, or the Vibrator Play’ and not-so-recently seen in City Stage’s ‘The Full Monty’, as well as many other shows over the years before that. Thanks to Shane, Chiaki, Justin, Frank, and the entire cast and crew for all their hard work and dedication (and for not overtly pointing and laughing at him during rehearsals). And, as always, big thanks and lovin’ on the head of his wonderful wife Katherine for everything she is and does every day.

David Heck

(John C. Calhoun)

David is thrilled to be a part of this talented cast, and if there was only one show he could do this year; it would be Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. If only history class was this cool! He was mostly recently seen in The Rocky Horror Show as The phantom with the bowler. When not on stage, he works as a licensed massage therapist and spends his time with his best friend, Robin Heck. They will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on stage in this show!

George Domby

(James Monroe)

This is George's eighth show with City Stage.  Recent Wilmington credits include Assassins (Zangara), Evita (Ensemble), Cabaret (Bobby), The Rocky Horror Show (Dr. Scott/Phantom) and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Mr. Bratt).  He would like to thank Shane for his vision and for always being impeccably dressed, Frank and Chiaki for their patience and attention to detail, and Justin for still calling him "buddy" every now and then.  Most of all, he would like to thank Bruce for putting up with his crazy theatre schedule.  (Almost break time, baby!)

Beck Hanner


Beck Hanner is a 3rd grader at Parsley Elementary. He has appeared in "Twas The Night Before..." "Shades of Shakespeare" and "Fraktured Faery Tales" with Journey Productions. Beck enjoys playing basketball, reading and playing with his puppy, Lucky Lucie. This is his first City Stage production and he is very excited for the opportunity. He would like to thank Shane, Chiaki and Justin for allowing him to be part of this wonderful and hilarious show.

Erik Maasch

(Martin Van Buren)

Erik is so thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Bloody BAJ production at City Stage. This marks his seventh musical with City Stage. You may remember him from such shows as Assassins, Brooklyn, Spamalot, Tommy, The Full Monty, or Spring Awakening. He would like to thank his friends, family, and beautiful girlfriend for all of their continued support through all of the craziness! 

Patrick Basquill

(John Quincy Adams)

Patrick Basquill is excited to be a part of this awesome show. He's done a lot of shows recently.  Favorite roles include Jonathon Crane in Gallery, Dewey in The Diviners, and Tad Theatreman in Sex aka Wieners and Boobs. Thanks to Shane, Chiaki, and Justin. CAW CAW! Let's murder this!

Caitlin Becka


Caitlin is super pumped about this rockin' show! Recent credits include Mary Lane in Reefer Madness, Magenta in Rocky Horror, and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (madness, horrors and bloody bloody good times). She would like to thank Chiaki, Frank, Justin and Shane for this awesome opportunity. Also so much love to this cast of rockstars especially Mr. President ;)

Chris Conner


Chris is stoked to rock it out on stage with this amazing cast in this awesome production! Past shows with City Stage include Chicago, The Rocky Horror Show, Cabaret, Reefer Madness and most recently Assassins! He would like to thank Justin Smith and Shane Fernando for this Opportunity! Thanks to Frank Trimble for the rockin moves! Thanks to friends and family for the support! A special thanks to Chiaki Ito for being a musical mentor and always encouraging excellence. ENJOY THE SHOW!!!

Frank Trimble


Frank P. Trimble is a professor in the UNCW Department of Communication Studies.  Teaching areas include public speaking, business communication, and stage/camera performance.  In addition to choreography, he is an actor and director.   Frank writes scripts for video documentaries and educational programs as well as book/lyrics/music for stage musicals, including Fly Wright!: The Story of Two Brothers and Ebenezer: A Christmas Carol.  His most recent play titled EXTRA! EXTRA!  The Musical premiered at UNCW in 2013.  He hopes its next stop is City Stage. 

Shane Fernando


Shane is proud to make his directorial debut with City Stage and this exceptional cast and crew.  He is the Director of Arts & Programs at UNCW, and will begin as the Director of the new Humanities & Fine Arts Center at Cape Fear Community College on May 19.  He serves as president of the board of trustees for Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts, is a public arts commentator for WHQR Public Radio, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).  Since growing up in Wilmington, he has worked on over 150 theatrical productions locally; he'd like to thank his partner Brian and family for their love and support.  

Michelle Reiff


Michelle is happy to be working with City Stage again on this very interesting take on American History.  She works for Springer-Eubank Oil Co. and has been performing in Wilmington for over 20 years.  Some of her other City Stage roles include Mrs. Lovitt in Sweeny Todd, Penny in Urintown, and Betty in The Great American Trailer Park.  She teaches musical theater for Theater Dance Workshop with Judy Greenhut and enjoys working with TACT (Thalian Association's Children's Theater).

Chiaki Ito

(Music Director/Producer/Piano)

Chiaki is a graduate of NC School of the Arts, UNC-CH, Univ. of Guam and Univ. of SC.  She practices law in New Hanover County and has music directed over 80 musicals.  She is Managing Director of Cape Fear Theatre Arts, LLC.  She enjoys participating in triathlons, spending time with her dog, Elvis, and visiting her sweet nephew, Kenji.

Paul Teal

(Andrew Jackson)

Paul Teal is so pumped to be crossing "Rock Star" and "The President" off his acting bucket list all at once. And to be rockin’ out with this badass group of people. Theatre credits include Reefer Madness (Ralph), Rocky Horror (Rocky), Big River (Huck), Rent (Mark), The Notebook the musical (Noah). "So much love to my ever-supportive family and my real life  First Lady. Also to Steve, Susan, and the entire City Stage/BBAJ crew!"

LaRaisha Burnette


LaRaisha is like whatever about Andrew Jackson.  He was a such a great guy {insert sarcastic glare here}.  Populism for breakfast.  Thanks to Shane, Frank, Chiaki, and Justin for allowing her to revisit her angsty Lollapolooza years.  Oh and Mom, you rock and stuff.

Robin Heck


Robin was most recently seen in Reefer Madness, Cabaret (Frenchie), The Rocky Horror Show and Hedwig and the Angry Inch with City Stage.  She is thrilled to be back again for her 5th show of the season!  Favorite roles in Wilmington over the years include: Olive in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Jemima in Cats, and Anna in Spring Awakening. Robin is ecstatic to be performing in such a fascinating and rockin' show with this amazing cast, especially her sexy husband.  She can think of no better way to celebrate their first wedding anniversary than onstage performing together!

The Cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Anna Gamel

(Rachel Jackson)

Anna is thrilled to be playing the part of Rachel Jackson in this

kickass production! This is her eighth show with CityStage. She was

seen previously in Reefer Madness (Placard Girl), Rocky Horror Show

(Phantom), Tommy (Sally Simpson), Spamalot (Ensemble), Avenue Q (The Puppeteer), Godspell (Robin), & Chicago (Pop/Ensemble). Thank you to Shane and Chiaki for giving her a shot to rock on stage with this

amazing family of talented performers!

Director's Notes

Welcome to "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson".  This irreverent tale holds true to the history, which made me fall in love with the piece instantly.  It is part PBS documentary, part Saturday Night Live, part rock musical theatre, part comedic farce, and definitely an evening of gritty insanity! 

During my research about our country's seventh president, I found a fabulous quote from Jackson’s first biography “Life of Andrew Jackson” by James Parton (1822­-1891).

“Andrew Jackson, I am given to understand, was a patriot and a traitor. He was one of the greatest of generals, and wholly ignorant of the art of war. A writer brilliant, elegant, eloquent, without being able to compose a correct sentence, or spell words of four syllables... He was the most candid of men, and was capable of the profoundest dissimulation. A most law-defying law-obeying citizen. A stickler for discipline, he never hesitated to disobey his superior. A democratic autocrat. An urbane savage. An atrocious saint."

Jackson remains, to this day, a study in contradictions. Many see him as one of our greatest presidents; the first popularly elected president, whose first election was blatantly stolen by the Washington elite.  Others decry him as an American Hitler for his role in the death and displacement of over a hundred thousand Native Americans. In any event his vast influence on the American landscape, yesterday and today, cannot be denied.

His presidency brought to the forefront for the first time many of the issues we still fight over today, including populist movements within our country to rally the country blindly for war or other causes (for good or bad), states’ rights, race relations, our national bank, the expansion of executive power, stalled political systems, new mass media and more. Because he was the first President elected by popular vote, the Jacksonian Era was a difficult time for our country, a kind of early adolescence.

The authors Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman chose to juxtapose Jackson's story with an examination of American celebrity culture.  Jackson was one of our country's first "rock stars", though his makings were not of rock star material - he was orphaned, came from a lower economic status - the first president to do so, he was not part of establishment, he was not "cool", and his followers were not considered such either.  They began as the basement or garage rock star nerds, but through grassroots efforts changed the trajectory of this country forever.  He showed the common man, the "uncool" kids in school, that they had a voice, and a place in their country.

Let the bloody bloodiness commence!

Shane Fernando


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